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Forensic Drone Store


We started off in a garage tinkering with computers and technology, over 20 years ago. From there on Silicon Avenue Technologies was born with the philosophy of bringing the customer up to date technology to streamline their business. We strive to keep up to date on new innovations to stand apart from the pack. 

From Silicon Avenue to Iodrone to ForensicDrone we got you covered.

 We have quickly found success in the computer industry with the Orange County, Los Angeles County, Inland Empire. The smaller businesses have love our approach to their problems. With our adaptability with new technologies to meet their specific needs. As our clients needs have changed we have adapted to branching out to different avenues. So our clients needs have changed, so have we to meet those requirements. Thus, allowing us to branch off into different sectors of IT. We have evolved from Silicon Avenue to IODrone, with different sectors of IODrone to handle each specific requirements.

One of IODrone's different sectors include Forensic Drone. As we have seen criminals move to Cybercrime. We have sought out to assist Agencies on their mission to prosecute Cyber criminals. We supply Forensic Agencies, Police Departments to assist their Detectives or any persons that are using a computer for Forensic Recovery. Forensic Drone offers you with the hardware, software, Data Recovery, Duplicators, Bridges, Forensic Computers,  or any Forensic based technologies.

From Silicon Avenue to Iodrone to ForensicDrone we got you covered.


ForensicDrone is the best in the industry!

Bob Fernandez
Clover PD