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  1. Ditto Forensic FieldStation

    Ditto Forensic FieldStation

    Digital investigation, eDiscovery, data capture and analysis Corporate security, law enforcement, military applications Discover, preview, and image files from hard drives and network file systems Physical Imaging of complete hard drives Logical Imaging of selected files from hard drives and network file systems Fully networked remote operation Free feature upgrades Rugged, all-metal, silent fan-free construction Free 3-year warranty and no annual fees

    Test drive a Ditto today

    Take advantage of our unique ability to take control of an online demo unit!

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  2. Forensic Drone mini-Desktop DEX

    Forensic Drone mini-Desktop DEX

    The Forensic Drone mini-Desktop DEX improves the attributes of its predecessor, the Forensic Drone mini-Desktop, by adding more storage capacity to accommodate more components to boost performance and efficiency. Learn More

  3. Forensic Sentinel DroneBook XL DR-117

    Forensic Sentinel DroneBook XL DR-117

    The Forensic Sentinel Dronebook XL DR-117 provides forensic investigators unparalleled storage and security to install their forensic analysis software, image storage devices, and secure precious evidence. Learn More

  4. Forensic Field Kit L

    Forensic Field Kit L

    Highly portable case for quick analysis of loose media

      • Includes a Ditto, Media WriteBlocker, and DVD reader
      • Soft-side case includes two slots for adding pocket drives for target storage
      • Allows on-site access to SATA drives, PATA drives, eSATA storage devices, USB devices, SD cards, CompactFlash cards, Memory Sticks, CDs, and DVDs
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  5. Forensic ComboDock v5.5

    WIEBETECH Forensic ComboDock FCDv5.5

    Professional hard drive write-blocker with read/write capabilities

    • Professional drive write blocking
    • Dual mode flexibility
    • Reliable evidence protection
    • Simple operation
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  6. Forensic UltraDock FUDv5.5

    WIEBETECH Forensic UltraDock FUDv5.5

    Professional drive write-blocker gives fast forensic access to bare hard drives

    • Professional drive write blocking
    • Reliable evidence protection
    • Variety of connection options
    • Aluminum case for rugged durability
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