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  1. AccessData FTK 5

    AccessData FTK 5

    Data Visualization is Now Included with FTK
    Automated graphical timeline construction and analysis of social relationships...two of the most essential but time consuming tasks during an examination.
    • Take timeline and social analysis screenshots and include in your case reports.
    • Case-level social analysis visualization for email (multiple PSTs and NSFs).

    Explicit Image Detection (EID) is now Included with FTK
    EID is not just detecting flesh tones. It will analyze shapes and orientation as well.
    • Invaluable for anybody dealing with CP cases.
    • Zero in on illicit images in minutes.

    MPE+ Essential with Every FTK License
    New and with every copy of FTK 5, users will receive a Mobile Phone Examiner Plus® (MPE+) Essential
    license. MPE+ Essential operates as a full MPE+ license for 30 days after the upgrade or purchase is
    processed, offering access to all features and devices. After this time, users will be given the option to
    purchase the full license of MPE+ or continue with the MPE+ Essential license. MPE+ Essential
    allows users to perform full iOS® and Android™ device examinations.

    Learn More

  2. BlackBag Blacklight

    BlackBag Blacklight

    BlackLight is a multi-platform forensic analysis tool that allows examiners to quickly and intuitively analyze digital forensic media. BlackLight is capable of analyzing data from Mac OS X computers, iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and Windows computers. It is compatible with all leading logical and physical forensic image formats. Examiners may use BlackLight as a time-saving data triage tool, or as an advanced forensic examination tool depending on the circumstance. To learn more, please view the quick feature videos to the right, or use the drop down menus below which detail the many BlackLight features. Learn More

  3. Encase Portable V4

    Encase Portable V4

    EnCase® Portable Saves You Time and Money: ▪ Scan for evidence without having to call-in a specialist or seize computers ▪ Reduce backlog by allowing non-experts to perform forensically-sound triage and collection ▪ Pre-screened evidence reduces data, allowing forensic experts to work more efficiently ▪ Create pre-configured data collection jobs for non-experts - return to experts for analysis ▪ Plug-in device performs forensically-sound collection from any computer with a USB port Learn More

  4. Encase V7 with 1 Year SMS

    Encase V7 with 1 Year SMS

    "EnCase® Forensic software offers advanced, time-saving features to let your investigators be more productive. Examiners can preview data while drives or other media are being acquired. Once image files are created, examiners can search and analyze multiple drives or other media simultaneously, using keyword searches, hash analysis, file signature analysis, file-specific filters and multiple filters. " "EnCase® Forensic builds a complete index of English and foreign language words with a new patentpending technology that permits fast and easy query for keywords by non-computer forensic investigators. The indices can be chained together to find possible keywords common in other investigations. The Unicode-supported index is built from the contents of personal documents, deleted files, file system artifacts, file slack, swap files, unallocated space, emails and web pages." "EnCase® Forensic also provides the ability to image media using multiple operating systems, allowing flexibility and time savings when dealing with difficult acquisitions. The solution supports imaging in Windows, DOS and Linux, and has several options for compression, speed and error handling." Learn More

  5. Encase Enterprise V7 with 1 Year SMS

    Encase Enterprise V7 with 1 Year SMS

    Market Leaders and Government Agencies Trust EnCase Enterprise: -Reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a centralized digital investigation capability -Increase confidence in findings by using the #1 solution for remote investigations -Achieve compliance with regulatory investigation requirements -Uncover potential evidence faster than ever using advance searching capabilities -Improve efficiency by automating common investigation tasks -Preserve evidence integrity with the court vetted EnCase® evidence file format -Enable the foundation for digital investigation, incident response, and electronic data discovery Learn More

  6. Paraben P2 Commander

    Paraben P2 Commander

    P2 Commander Features -Back end Firebird database for support of massive amounts of data -Multi-threading and task scheduling capabilities to process more data in less time -Examine logical and physical disks as well as individual files and folders with FAT12, FAT16, FAT 32, and NTFS filesystems (including partition free space and file slack) -Supports disk images from the most popular forensic imaging software -E-mail plug-in supports viewing multiple e-mail and network e-mail formats in a special e-mail data viewer (including support for exporting data to E-mail Examiner, EML [rfc822 compliant], Attachments only, MSG [OLE message], and PST [Outlook] e-mail formats) -Chat database plug-in supports many popular chat clients for viewing chat database contents in a convenient, color coded format for easy analysis -OLE Storage plug-in supports the parsing and analysis of any OLE storage -Archive plug-in supports many popular archive types including: zip, jar, xpi, iso, chm, cab, msi, ppt, doc, xls, arj, bzip2, cpio, deb, gzip, lzh, msis, rpm, split, tar, z, wim, and 7z. -Forensic Sorter plug-in sorts data into relevant categories -Deleted data recovery from NTFS and FAT filesystems as well as from PST and The Bat! mail archives -Hash database features can manage and Filter Out Common Hashes (FOCH) -File viewers for hundreds of popular file formats -Automatic detection of embedded data from supported file types (view e-mail archives, chat databases, disk image files, OLE storage, and archives from the exact place they are stored without having to add them to your case separately) -Multiple reporting options for complete customization -Robust searching options including multi-encoding support -Exporting -Image Analyzer for pornographic image detection -Integrated Internet Explorer cache parser -Advanced Registry and System Analyzer Learn More

  7. P2 Commander Kit

    P2 Commander Kit

    -P2 Commander (Which incorporates Chat Examiner, E-mail Examiner, Network E-mail Examiner, Registry Analyzer, and Text Searcher into one program) -Forensic Replicator -P2 eXplorer -1 Year Maintenance Subscription -1 Dongle for P2 Commander Learn More

  8. US-LATT 32GB Defender Basic

    US-LATT 32GB Defender Basic

    US-LATT PRO performs live acquisition and triage of Microsoft® Windows systems (XP – Windows 7). LATT provides investigators and breach response personnel with the ability to triage live evidence and perform fast and efficient on scene investigations. Learn More



    -Recovers passwords for 200+ file types and decrypts hard disks providing an all-in-one user interface. -Scans computers and network for password-protected files (Encryption Analyzer Professional included). -Acquires memory images of the seized computers ( FireWire Memory Imager included)! -Retrieves electronic evidence in a matter of minutes from a Windows Desktop Search Database (Search Index Examiner included). -Supports Distributed Password Recovery! -Runs from a USB thumb drive and recovers passwords without installation on a target PC (Portable Version included). -Includes 1-year Subscription to updates. Learn More



    -Scans files fast - over 4,000 files per minute on an average PC. -Supports over 160 different file types. -Lists recovery options and launches appropriate password recovery modules if necessary. -Provides detailed information: file formats, protection methods. -User-friendly Explorer-like interface. -Available as SDK for .NET. Learn More



    -Lists all the emails, documents, spreadsheets, and other items indexed by Windows Desktop Search. -Retrieves item properties: creation and modification dates, author, recipients, and summary content. -The only file required from the target PC is a Windows Desktop Search Database (.EDB). -Processing time is under 10 minutes for an average PC. -Saves reports in common formats: XML, Comma Separated Values (.CSV). -Easy-to-use Wizard interface. -Supports databases from Windows 7, Vista, Server 2008, Server 2003, XP. Learn More



    -Easy to use -Quick Instruction Guide -Software CD -Complete Data Cable Kit -Hard-sided Case -Enhance smartphone acquisition of text -Social Network Analytics Discounts for Government and Law Enforcement available. Call for details. Learn More

  13. BlackBag MacQuisition

    BlackBag MacQuisition

    MacQuisition™ forensically images of over 185 different Macintosh computer models. Learn More

  14. BlackBag SoftBlock

    BlackBag SoftBlock

    BlackBag SoftBlock is a software-based forensic write-blocking tool. SoftBlock quickly identifies newly attached hardware devices, and mounts the device with read-only or read-write permissions according to user preference. This forensic software is built to handle the needs of both large-scale digital forensic labs and individual forensic practitioners. Learn More

  15. Paraben Porn Detection Stick

    Paraben Porn Detection Stick

    Paraben's Porn Detection Stick is a thumb drive device that will search through all the images on your computer, scan them for pornographic content, and create a report of suspected pornographic images. It even scans deleted images and Internet cache files so there's no hiding Internet activity. Learn More

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