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-1 TrayFree bay, external enclosure
-Affordable, sleek black enclosure
-Comes with a stand for vertical use
-Single USB 3.0 port (compatible with USB 2.0), Single eSATA port
-Up to 5Gb/s (via USB 3.0)



The RTX100-3SJ is a convenient backup system for any computer user who wants quick and easy additional storage. With USB 3.0 (backwards compatible to USB 2.0) and eSATA point-to-point connection options, the RTX100-3SJ is an ideal option for increased storage space, data backup, or data transportation.

TrayFree bays make adding drives effortless. It’s as easy as opening the door, sliding the drive in, and closing the door. No screws, no trays. It just works.

With the included vertical stand, you can place the RT100-3SJ on your desk to save valuable space.


  • 1 TrayFree bay, external enclosure
  • Affordable, sleek black enclosure
  • Comes with a stand for vertical use
  • Single USB 3.0 port (compatible with USB 2.0), Single eSATA port
  • Up to 5Gb/s (via USB 3.0)

How to use RTX 100:

For increased Storage space:
Needed: At least 1 RTX unit and at least 1 drive. Pop a drive in and your computer will treat it as more storage space. Need more space? Use another disk - RTX is easily loadable and reloadable.

For Backup:
Needed: At least 1 RTX unit and at least 2 drives. Rotate a drive, copy files to it, and put the backup on a shelf - or transport it offsite for more security.

For Transportation:
Needed: At least 2 RTX units and at least 1 drive. Remove a drive from an RTX at work, school or home, take it to another computer and access all your files quickly.

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